Use of Force

Instruction in the use of force can be complex in its effect on each individual because perceptions of threats are by nature subjective to each person’s own level of experience, training, and the situation presented. With that said, there is a standardized model of the “Use of Force continuum” that can be taught and practiced to build into an officer’s response to act appropriately and swiftly to mitigate the threat level he or she may be confronted with. This “Use of Force model” was developed by Dr. Franklin Graves, Federal Law Enforcement training center and Professor Gregory J. Conner University of Illinois Police Training Institute and is the industry standard in Law Enforcement. At DS2 / Davis Security Services, we stress the importance of teaching these techniques and practicing this model to ensure that individuals charged with the responsibility of securing your property and personnel are well versed and can act appropriately. This is extremely important for your corporation’s liability, reputation, and protection.

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Over the past several years it has become increasingly apparent that perhaps one of the most important things that can be taught in the use of force is how to “de-escalate” a situation. With each instructor having over 20 years of experience and countless encounters and experiences themselves, it can’t be overstated that when teaching this topic from personal experience rather than simply from a book each person taught gets invaluable insight in how to safely de-escalate situations.

Impact weapons and chemical agents

In the “Use of force Continuum” Chemical agents such as OC or pepper spray and impact weapons like ; the ASP (Armament Systems and Procedures Inc) Baton or PR24 (Protect and Restraint 24) 24 inch Baton- fall into the “Compliance Techniques and Defensive tactics”, When an individual you have contact with is actively resisting, combative or assaultive and demonstrating actions that can cause bodily harm. At DS2 – Davis Security Services we teach the nomenclature of each of these systems as well as the proper techniques and use of them. We provide the maintenance training for certification in addition to providing officers the ability to properly report their use of force. When legal force is used it is important that the officer’s competency, job knowledge and articulation result in reducing the liability and culpability of your corporation. We utilize classroom presentations, repeated training evolutions and scenario-based training to  reinforce competency in the use of impact weapons and intermediate force options.

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Pepper Spray


Handcuffs are  the most utilized item for Law Enforcement officers and yet often overlooked when it comes to use of force and routine training and maintenance. Training regularly with handcuffs puts an officer at ease when they are deployed  Lack of training with proper handcuffing techniques  places the officer, employer at risk. Studies have shown that most incidents of resistance occur after the first-hand cuff is placed on a person and often in those cases can result in injuries to the suspect or the officer. At DS2, everything from nomenclature to maintenance to how and where to carry them are taught, in addition to scenario-based training to increase an officer’s knowledge and comfort when having to use their handcuffs.

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At DS2 we cover handgun safety, shooting fundamentals, ammunition, malfunctions, fundamentals of shooting for accuracy, cleaning, escalation / de-escalation/ use of force, and relevant legal review. Live fire and training are completed at the range for certification in addition to the classroom portion.

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